Sea Turtles in North Cyprus

Here on the island there are several beaches that sea turtles come and lay their eggs on. Some of the beaches called Alagadi Beach and Karsyaka, and each year the student volunteers from around the world to work with to help these animals.

There are two varieties Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas. They lay their eggs in June-August, and the small will arrive in mid-July to September.

Here you get to be there when they lay their eggs, and when they hatch.

Chelonia mydas can grow up to 1.40 meters long, and can weigh between 100 -150 kg. It lays up to 200 eggs per nest, eats sea grass, and where the name “Green Sea Turtle”.

Caretta caretta is a bit smaller than the Green Sea Turtle, and it can grow up to 1 meter in length and weigh between 100-120 kg by eating wildlife such as fish, crabs. One can even “adopt” a turtle.

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